Starseite Geophysik in Jena Institut für Geowissenschaften Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Geophysics at the Institute of Geosciences in Jena

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Geophysical research in Jena has a long tradition. It started as early as 1900 by starting a first seismologic station in Jena. In 1923 the the new national earthquake information service was established here with Oskar Hecker (1864-1938) and August Sieberg (1875-1945) as its directors. In the 1950s and 1960s two new buildings were constructed, first one in Jena which is now used by the Institute of Geosciences, and later a seismologic station outside Jena which is now as Geodynamic Observatory Moxa part of the Institute of Geosciences. Since 1992 the geophysics belong to the Institute of Geosciences of the university in Jena.

Actually, there exist two geophysical professorships at the institute: General Geophysics (Prof. Dr. Nina Kukowski) and Applied Geophysics (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wegler).

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