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Tom Eulenfeld

Dr. rer. nat. Tom Eulenfeld
- Angewandte Geophysik -
Institut für Geowissenschaften
Burgweg 11, 07749 Jena

Tel: +49 (0)3641 948678

Forschungsinteressen - Seismologie

     Seismischer Coda, Streuung und Dämpfung seismischer Wellen
     Seismisches Rauschen, Green's Funktionen
     Monitoring der seismischen Geschwindigkeit


Eine Liste aller Publikationen ist bei Google Scholar einsehbar. Eine Auswahl:

Sens-Schönfelder, C. and Eulenfeld, T. (2019). Probing the Elastic Nonlinearity of Rocks with Earth Tides and Seismic Noise. Physical Review Letters, 122(13):138501. [ DOI | PDF | supplement ]

Eulenfeld, T. and Wegler, U. (2017). Crustal intrinsic and scattering attenuation of high-frequency shear waves in the contiguous United States. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 122. [ DOI | PDF | webpage ]

Eulenfeld, T. and Wegler, U. (2016). Measurement of intrinsic and scattering attenuation of shear waves in two sedimentary basins and comparison to crystalline sites in Germany. Geophysical Journal International, 205(2):744--757. [ DOI | PDF ]

Gassenmeier, M., Sens-Schönfelder, C., Eulenfeld, T., Bartsch, M., Victor, P., Tilmann, F., and Korn, M. (2016). Field observations of seismic velocity changes caused by shaking-induced damage and healing due to mesoscopic nonlinearity. Geophysical Journal International, 204(3):1490--1502. [ DOI | PDF ]

González, D. M., Bataille, K., Eulenfeld, T., and Franco, L. E. (2016). Temporal seismic wave velocity variations at Láscar volcano. Andean Geology, 43(2):240--246. [ DOI | PDF ]

Gaebler, P. J., Eulenfeld, T., and Wegler, U. (2015). Seismic scattering and absorption parameters in the W-Bohemia/Vogtland region from elastic and acoustic radiative transfer theory. Geophysical Journal International, 203(3):1471--1481. [ DOI | PDF ]

Richter, T. (2014). Temporal Variations of Crustal Properties in Northern Chile Analyzed with Receiver Functions and Passive Image Interferometry. Dissertation, Freie Universität Berlin. [ PDF ]

Richter, T., Sens-Schönfelder, C., Kind, R., and Asch, G. (2014). Comprehensive observation and modeling of earthquake and temperature-related seismic velocity changes in northern Chile with passive image interferometry. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 119:4747--4765. [ DOI | PDF ]

Sens-Schönfelder, C. and Richter, T. (2013). Am Puls der Erde: Natürliche Vibrationen und deren Analyse mit der seismischen Interferometrie. System Erde, pages 32--39. [ DOI | PDF ]

Metzkes, J., Cowan, T. E., Karsch, L., Kraft, S. D., Pawelke, J., Richter, C., Richter, T., Zeil, K., and Schramm, U. (2011). Preparation of laser-accelerated proton beams for radiobiological applications. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 653(1):172--175. [ DOI ]

Zeil, K., Kraft, S. D., Bock, S., Bussmann, M., Cowan, T. E., Kluge, T., Metzkes, J., Richter, T., Sauerbrey, R., and Schramm, U. (2010). The scaling of proton energies in ultrashort pulse laser plasma acceleration. New Journal of Physics, 12(4):045015. [ DOI | PDF ]

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